Running Jekyll with minimal-mistakes theme inside docker

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this blog is built using:

1. clone the minimal-mistakes repo
git clone
2. create a Dockerfile to build a base container to generate a Gemfile.lock
FROM ruby:3.0

WORKDIR /srv/jekyll

VOLUME /srv/jekyll
3. build the container
docker build -t blog .

docker build

4. generate the Gemfile.lock
docker run --volume="$PWD:/srv/jekyll" -it blog bundle install 

docker Gemlock

5. modify the above Dockerfile to incorporate the lock file
FROM ruby:3.0

RUN bundle config --global frozen 1

WORKDIR /srv/jekyll

COPY Gemfile Gemfile.lock minimal-mistakes-jekyll.gemspec ./

RUN bundle install

VOLUME /srv/jekyll
6. build the container
docker build -t blog .

docker build

7. create a docker-compose.yml file
version: "3.0"

    image: blog
    command: ["jekyll", "serve", "--incremental", "--livereload"]
      - "4000:4000"
      - $PWD:/srv/jekyll
8. add the port and host to _config.yml
port: 4000
host: ""
9. Fire it up
docker-compose up

docker compose

ISSUE with Ruby 3:

I recenty ran into this error when starting jekyll:

cannot load such file -- webrick

Following the guidance in this bug

I added the webrick to the gemspec like this in Gemfile before generting the Gemlock:

source ""
group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem "webrick"
  gem "jekyll-archives"